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When Wives Force Their Husbands To Watch And Cross Dress
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Cucked And Feminized

"....When she brought home another man was the beginning of the ordeal. She forced me to watch her perform oral sex on him repeatedly, as well as telling him I had a small penis and was in no way, shape or form able to sexually satisfy her in the bedroom. The worst was when she had him pick out a pair of her panties for me to wear around the house while they carried on in a shocking and shameless fashion...and to think I had married this women before God and my family...."

"My husband was such a whiny little bitch, so I decided to feminize him once and for all. I made him don female clothing and perform the service of a house maid while my friends and I had tea. And the sick thing? The fucking weasel DID it! What kind of man lets his wife dress him as a little girl and parade around? After that, I had no qualms what so ever about bringing home other men for my sexual satisfaction. Did I force him to watch? Hell no! The cucked little sissy actually LIKED to sit at the foot of the bed and watch as I made love to my new studs. He even asked if he could suck cock! And he DID!"

"...I've never told a soul about this, but my wife makes me wear panties and high heels around the house when she's "entertaining" her male guests. I never really got into cross dressing before, but feeling that soft fabric against my cock is VERY arousing and I confess I've often masturbated while wearing her panties when she was not home. I'm not gay, but the thought of being crossed dressed and at the sexual service of another man is one of my favorite masturbatory fantasies. I'm going to ask my wife to let me join her and her lover next time she brings someone home..."

"Is it wrong to put your husband in drag and force him to suck the huge erect cock of your new black lover? Nope, it's HOT!"

"If my friends only knew how the bitch I married carries on! She brings home two or three men at a time and has unprotected sex with them right in our one home! And she expects me to watch and say nothing! I was going to call the police once, but she threatened to have one of her lovers rape me anally if I did. He was a huge Latino ex-con and I have to admit I was frightened to death of him. He told me he had many "punk sissies" in prison and fucking my "sweet ass pussy" would be no big deal. I was shocked!..."

"How would YOU feel if your own wife decided to make you dress as a garish transvestite and sexually service her numerous male lovers? Mine loves to bring home the biggest black men she can find and let them have their way with me. She forces me to dress as a little girl, sit on their laps, and call them "daddy"! She even videos me having to suck their big penises and emails the clips to her girl friends for shits and giggles - my own wife!"

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